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Assistive Technology

Occupational Therapy is known for its comprehensive evaluation to help individuals re-engage in their daily occupations. Many individuals experience different functional disabilities that occur due to aging, experiencing traumas, or being diagnosed with a neurological disorder. OT considers the need of individuals to use Assistive technology (AT) in order to improve their functional independence level. AT is characterized by items, equipment, or devices used to assist individuals with difficulties in functioning to complete activities of daily living. It is considered as a last choice to help the individual improve independency after reaching the plateau. These devices can range from the electronic devices to something as simple as a piece of paper with a pencil to aid in communication. This technology can be given for individuals with several difficulties such as, musculoskeletal abnormalities, sensory deficits, and cognitive issues.

OT Role with Assistive Technology:

  1. Analyzing the performance skills of the individual and the activity demands of the occupation the person is attempting to perform

  2. Highlighting the dysfunctions interfering with the performance

  3. Prescribing assistive devices in order to achieve individual-centered goals with a focus on occupations

  4. Helping individuals to find the required devices

  5. Training the users and adapting them to the device


The Importance of Assistive Technology:

  • Increasing individuals’ confidence and self-esteem

  • Providing an environment free of hindrances at home, school, work, and outside community

  • Improving independence in daily life activities

  • Enhancing the development of certain skills

  • Improving communication

  • Promoting safety and reducing risks

  • Conserving energy

  • Performing tasks with less pain


Occupational therapists are dealing with individuals of different ages and dysfunctions. They work with individuals through the whole process in order to provide them with the best fit assistive technology. The assistive technology area is considered one of the important areas that help individuals living their lives easily and independently. Occupational therapy service of providing assistive technology can be found in Kuwait in the physical medicine and rehabilitation hospital (Look at the map).

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